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The official blog of UK Forces in Afghanistan, run jointly from London and Helmand.

The aim of the blog is to collate articles from across the web, providing a valuable resource of information on all the UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

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  1. October 16, 2010 20:11

    Hi To all the soldiers just thought I would drop you a line to say I support you all, keep safe
    If any one would like a penfriend please get in touch it would be nice to hear from some one

    • nldjohn permalink
      November 2, 2010 12:41

      hello Susan, have you found your penfriend yet, if not I would be happy to share our experiences of parents of an allied soldier who has been sent out 3 weeks ago!

      • James permalink
        November 2, 2010 17:37

        Would you happen to be from the Kent area?

      • nldjohn permalink
        November 2, 2010 21:27

        James, sorry we are not from the Kent area but from the Continent since our son is serving on an exchange basis in a British Regiment!

  2. James permalink
    October 25, 2010 12:53

    Hi there,
    I am a student of journalism from Kent, and I am seeking to get in contact with soldiers from the Kent area who have served/ are serving, in Afghanistan. I am creating a piece of multimedia journalism, telling the stories of those who have served. The piece is for Kent Online (KM group).
    If you wish to participate, please contact James on
    Thanks very much,
    James Woodcock.

  3. Neill Thomson permalink
    November 1, 2010 22:02

    My thought’s go to all the servicemen & women serving in Afghanistan, especially those in one of my old unit’s “Cyclop’s” squadron 2RTR.

    • Neill Thomson permalink
      November 20, 2010 13:10

      To all Tankies in Afghanistan, “Fearnaught” and Happy Cambrai Day!

  4. nldjohn permalink
    November 2, 2010 12:34

    Sometimes no news is good news, but for the past 2 days there were no new posts and as a father of a son who is an exchange officer serving on a FOB in Helmand I am very much looking forward to the daily news. Helmand Blog is doing a fantastic job for letting us stay in touch with our troops.

  5. Peter Willaims permalink
    December 16, 2010 01:53

    To all our service men and women out in the ‘sand pit’ Merry Christmas and to all in 8 Field Company Parachute Regiment thank you for the Christmas Card, we do really appreciate what you are all doing out there, stay safe, have a good Christmas and thank you.

  6. Neill Thomson permalink
    December 25, 2010 15:16

    To all of you serving in Afghanistan, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a safe return to your families and loved ones!!

  7. wendy permalink
    December 28, 2010 00:09

    looking for penfriend in afganistan

  8. Jacqueline Hughes permalink
    February 13, 2011 19:06

    While really appreciating the content of your website would it also be possible to provide bang up-to-date info/news refs/comment on all major events down in Helmand which may/not involve our troops, for example, yesterday’s Kandahar Police station attack, Saturday 12th Feb. When we get the headlines – BBC/SKY – at home it’s often not clear whether/not our men are in any way involved etc. OKthanks for the blog – will enjoy loggin’ on over next few months.

    • February 13, 2011 21:05

      Hi Jackie. Thank you very much for your comment; I genuinely welcome feedback and positive criticism such as yours. I fully appreciate your point about delivering up to date information but I don’t feel that this would be in keeping with the theme and aim of this site. I have been here at Bastion for a month now and my focus for the next 5 months is going to be on ‘progress’. This may be in the form of partnership initiatives or with reconstruction work; as well as the amazing work my colleagues in all 3 services are doing here, their bravery and their amazing attitude they have in helping Afghanistan rebuild. We are actually mulling over the idea of having a news feed along the lines of what you suggest but, in many news situations in such a ‘fluid’ environment, by the time invesigations had been completed and the correct channels followed then it would not be ‘new news’ anymore. BBC and Sky sometimes report ‘breaking news’ before the full picture is available; this is not a criticism of their ways – there is definitely a place for such newsfeeds, but I do not feel this site is one of them. You were kind enough to take the time and leave me your comments, so I felt it merited a full reply from me. Please by all means reply if you disagree with anything I have said; it is only through feedback such as yours that I can improve the site and continue to provide the information that I think people want. Regards, Nick.

      • Jacqueline Hughes permalink
        March 5, 2011 20:42

        Goodafternoon Nick, Thanks for your reply above. And, just to reiterate – we really do appreciate getting the daily emails/blogs.

        So, yes, while I appreciate your point about BBC/Sky & so-called ‘ breaking news’, it is often the content of such reporting which leaves us – family / friends back here in the UK – confused & possibly un-necessarily concerned as to whether/not our troops are immediately involved. It is that sort of clarification which I would have thought you are in a better position than Sky/BBC to offer, as you suggest, on some sort of up-to-date news feed. So, it’s not a matter so much of the ‘full picture’ but whether/not we have an immediate role within that picture!

        Just one other point, the reason why I came on your site today!

        It must have been 3 weeks ago – or thereabouts – when you featured Liam & Theo. It especially grabbed our attention because of our own dogs, so we forwarded the article to other family/friends.

        At that point we didn’t really know whether/not Liam was still on tour.

        So, I guess you must know now what I am about to say, but say it I feel I must.

        While I am no expert on insurgent/tribal Afghan mentality & access to www &/or tabloid press, commonsense suggests that it is wiser to with-hold quite such detailed reports/blogging – especially when it so clearly identifies a member of our armed forces – until their tour of duty is safely completed. Us – family/friends back here in the UK – know only too well how courageous, heroic, skilled our troops are, so we can wait and, indeed, prefer to wait for such ‘blogs’/news items until we know they are safe home.

        Unfortunately, we can’t speak for everyone who may log-on/scan the tabloid press in the hope of creating their own headlines!

  9. Janine permalink
    March 6, 2011 23:38

    Hi everyone in Helmand Province. My daughter was deployed a week ago to Helmand Province. I’m not sure where she is yet. She’s a civvy. I don’t really know exactly what she does, but, my hope for her and all of you is to return safe to those you love.

    My prayers are with you all. ‘Thank you for all you do. Stay safe.


  10. April 3, 2011 11:19

    The recent photos you have put up from the Tornados are excellent. I was wondering if I would be able to use some of them – especially the ones of Afghanistan. I am working with the schools in Hohne garrison to help the children understand more about Afghanistan – the country, its people and their culture – the aim being to reduce the fear factor of the unknown country their parents have recently deployed to (with 3 Cdo Bde). Photos like these really give the “wow factor” for the children – they don’t expect to see snow or green fields for example. High res photos would be most useful if I would be allowed to use them.

    You can see some of what we are doing from a BFBS TV report in December:

    Many thanks
    Mel Bradley

    (my husband is out with 24 Cdo Eng)

  11. April 18, 2011 19:37

    Hi everyone just to remind you that all Armed Forces get a discount on Postal flowers sent to any address in the UK – so don’t forget wives, girlfriends, Mums etc

  12. mark permalink
    May 27, 2011 18:13

    Please send my thanks to all medical staff and helicopter crew.

  13. hib5062 permalink
    June 2, 2011 17:13

    Hi – I wondered if someone could help. I’m trying to find out whether Kevin (the dog with Kelly) on the blogs was once part of West Midlands Police before being recruited into the Army?

    • June 3, 2011 11:44

      Hi there, before I approach the Dog Section for an answer to your question, may I ask as to why you wish to know? Thank you. Regards, Nick (editor)

  14. June 3, 2011 20:49

    Greetings from Geneva. My name is Edward Girardet. I am a journalist and writer who has covered Afghanistan for far too many years. I am also editor of The Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan, which is now being updated and will come out in the autumn as the 4th fully revised edition, including, we hope, a Dari version. I am also the author of “Killing the Cranes – A Reporter’s Journey Through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan” which is to be launched in early September but will be available as of July 1.

    A couple of points:

    1. I find your blog fascinating and would very like to link this to our Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan site ( but also to occasionally highlight interesting blogs. However, I first wish to clear this with you. Would that be okay?

    2. A number of British troops, both soldiers and officers, have asked me or my fellow editors about making the field guide available to the British army as part of its kit. The EFG, whose first edition came out during the Talib period in 1998, has already proven an exceptional information tool to military, aid workers, journalists etc. Have you any ideas on how to make this new edition (which will come out in print and electronically) available to the British army? NATO suggested we contact the British units directly.

    Any suggestions welcome. best ed girardet My email is:

  15. susan permalink
    June 30, 2011 00:57


    Susan here – take care and keep safe – thinking of you all…

  16. sophie permalink
    September 16, 2011 15:21

    Hello to everyone in Camp Bastion! My name is Sophie and I am about to start my final year as a student Nurse. Although I am not a military student nurse I come from a military background being raised in Larkhill with a father who was in the Royal Artilliery and served in the Falklands. I am currently doing my dissertation about the use of Topical Negative Pressure on IED related injuries, specifically in role 3 facilities in Afghanistan and I am struggling to find information about the conventional dressings that are being used instead of TNP. Is there anyone who can help?? I need to know names of dressings etc!!!

    Take care everyone, be safe and come home!!!! x

  17. October 12, 2011 20:54

    HI, to everyone fighting out there thinking of you all and if anyone is i need of a penpal please get in touch , keep safe and you are all in our thoughts joanne.

  18. October 14, 2011 15:12

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but are any of the blog owners part of Operation eBook Drop?

    It’s a scheme being run (I believe someone called Ed Patterson is involved) whereby independent authors can make their work available for free to coalition troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I recently signed up for it (as an author that is, I am not a soldier) and have sent out links to my books for free.

  19. October 17, 2011 21:07

    I am also an author (my just-published Killing the Cranes – A Reporter’s Journey through three decades of war in Afghanistan Sept. 2011 plus my just republished Afghanistan – The Soviet War from 1985.) However, I am also editor of the The Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan (the 4th and fully-revised edition is now being prepared) which will have both an electronic and a print version. We’re trying to convince the various militaries to make the EFG available as part of the kit to all soldiers, but we will also be putting up many of the materials online on Personally, I think that soldiers need to be encouraged as much as possible to understand the country and people in which they are deployed. ed girardet

  20. November 10, 2011 19:36


    Not sure if anyone here can help, But rather than exchange christmas presents in the office we thought it would be a better idea to send a package to Afghanistan to a solder who may not have family back here in the UK and to make sure they know that us folk back in the UK are thinking of them at this time of year.
    What I need is a contact who would be willing to accept these packages (Only about 4) and to hand them over to someone they feel who would appriate receiving a package from back home who otherwise might not get something.

    Hope someone can help.

    Many thanks

    • November 10, 2011 20:14

      Hi Ewan,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for your support to HM Armed Forces. I’m afraid that MOD is strongly dissuading members of the public from sending Christmas parcels to theatre, as unsolicited mail clogs up a system which is already stretched at this time of year. I’m sure you will appreciate that the men and women in Afghanistan will want to have personal gifts from their families and loved ones to open on Christmas Day. You can still contribute through one of the existing schemes in place. The official guidance can be found here. Thanks again for your support! UK Forces Afghanistan

  21. November 14, 2011 06:17

    I am trying to contact Lt Colin McLeod of the Royal Australian Navy who I see, thanks to Google, recently served with UK forces and is mentioned on this website. Some of his belongings, which I think he had intended shipped from the UK to Australia, were somehow confused with mine. Anyway I now have them and would be grateful if anyone reading this is able to put him in touch with me. My e-mail address is

    Malcolm Nobbs

  22. November 25, 2011 22:53

    I am trying to contact one of the UK dog handlers based in Afghanistan. I have recently opened a self service dog wash, and would like to do a fundraiser for the dogs out there. I would be grateful if one of them could contact me at

  23. susan stout permalink
    December 16, 2011 21:07

    hey troops,
    just a quick message for anyone that wants to chat. i support you all from bottom of my heart and i would send a christmas card out to keep up all sprits ova this special time of the year when you should be with loved ones but i can not find an address anywhere or an email address to get the address. if anyone knows how i can do this then plz comment back and help me out guys. xx

  24. December 17, 2011 13:55

    Hi Everyone,

    We are an Afghan firm working in all Logistics and Construction fields. At the moment, we are working with a variety of US clients.

    We trying to do business with Afghanistan-Based UK forces. does anyone have any idea on how to proceed. could any please provide us some contact details/web-links?


  25. December 17, 2011 13:58

    Hi Everyone,

    We are an Afghan firm working in all Logistics and Construction fields. At the moment, we are working with a variety of US clients.

    We trying to do business with Afghanistan-Based UK forces. does anyone have any idea on how to proceed? could any please provide us some contact details/web-links?


  26. Nala permalink
    June 21, 2012 19:59

    Sending best wishes to everyone serving in Afghan… especially all those in RAF TSW.

    Were all thinking of you back here in the UK and wishing you all a safe return soon.

    Take Care and remember to wear sunscreen and chapstick… 🙂

  27. July 19, 2012 02:02

    Hi there, You’ve performed an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  28. Mr Louis Littlefair permalink
    September 7, 2012 21:59



    And my father was a Lion

    And he went across the sea

    To take the message to our brothers

    That one-day they would be free

    We have no words to speak the memory

    Of the good men that we lost

    They never compromised our future

    They never cared to count the cost

    For one nation under heaven

    And with tears in our eyes

    We won’t forget the Lions memory

    For our world they fought and died.

    And so they battled on the beaches

    And they battled in the streets

    They faced hell on earth in Europe

    But their spirit never gave retreat

    They never fought for King and country

    They did not strive for glory vain

    They died for us their un-born children

    So that liberty would reign

    For one nation under heaven

    And with freedom burning bright

    We must stand against all evil

    We must fight and fight and fight

    And so the Lions went to Asia

    To the ‘Rising Sun’s back yard

    Fought in Burma and Malaysia

    Hit the ‘Samurai’ so hard

    Though they were starved

    And they were tortured

    So severe was their test

    Yet they still stood and fought like Lions

    They gave Democracy their best

    For one nation under heaven

    And one people under God

    For the dreams of our tomorrows

    Paid in full with Lion’s blood

    What can we say of these our fathers

    Or their stand that was so brave?

    We must build a land that’s fit for heroes

    From the ‘Cradle To The Grave’

    And so they battled in the factories

    And they battled in the halls

    Took the battle to the poll booth

    To tear down poverty’s bloody walls

    For one nation under heaven

    And with God upon our side

    We can liberate the future

    Give our children back their pride

    And our God Himself a Lion

    He died for you and He died for me

    Took His battle to Mount Calvary

    So our spirits could be free

    What can we say of this our hero

    Or the sacrifice He gave

    He fought all hell’s unholy armies

    Defeated Satan and the grave

    And now we are the ‘Pride of Lions’

    And we are our father’s sons

    We’ll keep a watch on your tomorrows

    So you have no need of guns

    For one nation under heaven

    And a people truly free

    We salute the Lion’s Victory

    The bravest men in history!

    And so the Lions went to Helmand!!!

    To combat extremist tyranny

    For the abject bloody failures

    Of our foreign policies

    Copyright Mr Louis Littlefair

  29. nina permalink
    September 25, 2012 21:40

    Hello, I came onto this site to find out if my friend was still in Afghan. Just found out he back in Uk with his family, but he said there may be people over there who would benefit from hearing from the Uk – if anyone wants to email/chat to a Brit gal then get in touch – not a uniform chaser (ex nurse so know all about them lol) just someone who understands how surreal life can get. Be nice to hear from someone… 🙂

  30. srisha permalink
    November 21, 2012 12:08

    im looking for dr bala ainesh who have been serving for the uk military in kandahar afghanistan for the past 6 months since march as a medical doctor. please leave a reply or how do i go about to contact him…as he left afghanistan, then went missing (not reachable)

  31. abdullah yaqubi permalink
    November 26, 2012 12:38

    iam an afghan boy iam an english translater anybody who want to have me with the camp i will be thankful of that my mail i have CV

  32. scarlett swainsbury permalink
    December 9, 2013 22:20

    To all the soldiers, I would like to say that I hope you have a very very happy Christmas when you’re fighting; I hope you’re okay at christmas. I am called Scarlett and would like to see how you have got on in the war, and can you let me know how your Christmas was. We will think about you on Christmas day when all the bells ring and when Santa has given you your presents. Love Scarlett, aged 6.

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