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RAF Force Protection Wing defends Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

September 19, 2012

Members of No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing, working alongside the US Marine Corps (USMC), have spoken about quickly regaining control of Camp Bastion Airfield following an insurgent attack on Friday 14 September, killing 14 and capturing one of the enemy.

Foxhound armoured vehicle

Personnel from No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing patrol in a new Foxhound armoured vehicle at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan (stock image). Picture: Corporal Laura Bibby RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Fifteen heavily-armed insurgents dressed in US Army uniforms and armed with PKM general purpose machine guns, AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades broke through perimeter defences and initially targeted tower guards with heavy fire. Tragically two US Marines were killed.

Subsequently they attacked the USMC flight line, damaging infrastructure and AV-8B Harrier jump jets. The RAF Force Protection Wing based at Camp Bastion was quick to react, deploying forces throughout the camp, with 51 Squadron RAF Regiment pushing out onto the airfield and the RAF Police from the Bastion Security Squadron maintaining security around key installations throughout the camp.

Continues at: – RAF Force Protection Wing defends Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

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  1. THE MO AND JO TEAM permalink
    September 20, 2012 00:47


  2. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    September 22, 2012 20:46

    I am sad for you and with you, buddies, for alls have been killed on attacks posed on by talibans; this is always a daily risk by more years, a risk that trouve concretation.
    Thanks and honor to RAF force protection, that has saved more of you and ended the attack.
    We know, already, this is the reality where we live, where you live. But we are with you; our hearts are your home, buddies. You are not alone and we offer you our total solidarity. Have skill as you have had just now. The time is ending and we hope see all you back to home claudio alpaca


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