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QRL soldiers poised to strike at Afghan insurgency

August 31, 2012

The soldiers of B Squadron The Queen’s Royal Lancers (B Sqn QRL) will provide the potent Brigade Reconnaissance Force of 4th Mechanized Brigade during Op HERRICK 17. 

Lance Corporal Karl Michael Kilburn and Trooper Evan Galloway

Lance Corporal Karl Michael Kilburn (front) in a Coyote armoured all-terrain vehicle, with Trooper Evan Galloway manning the mounted gun at the rear. Picture: Shell Daruwala, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

The Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF)’s role is to gather information from across Helmand on potential insurgent activity, as well as the public mood, local requirements and progress being made in the province’s communities, and report back to the Brigade command.

Depending on the analysis of the information, the brigadier might then use his BRF to strike quickly and deftly at an insurgent thorn in the side of an Afghan community.

The strategy in Helmand has evolved and matured over the UK’s 11 years in the province, with each successive HERRICK roulement learning from the last and adapting.

Whereas in previous tours, huge kinetic operations were launched to flush insurgents from their compounds and hideouts with a show of force, today’s Task Force uses information from a variety of sources, including the BRF, to selectively target key insurgents and leaders, then uses strike operations, increasingly led by the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and supported by the BRF, to detain and question them. Though small in number, the members of the BRF, therefore, have a hugely important role in identifying and dealing efficiently with the various insurgent groups which operate in the area.

Continues at: – QRL soldiers poised to strike at Afghan insurgency

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