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UK advisors support Afghan Army operation

April 25, 2012
Officers' briefing

Officers' briefing prior to Operation SHAFUQ. Picture: Corporal Andy Reddy RLC, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

UK soldiers from the Brigade Advisory Group moved into position last week to support the start of the first major Afghan National Army (ANA) offensive of the spring.

Operation SHAFUQ (meaning ‘dawn’ in Pashtu) is a large scale ANA operation to remove the improvised explosive devices which have plagued the lives of local villagers.

The concept, planning and execution of this operation has been entirely down to the ANA, who were looking forward to putting their newly-learned bomb disposal skills to the test.

More than 600 warriors from the ANA and 170 ISAF advisors are involved in the operation.

The ISAF advisors include soldiers from 3rd Battalion The Rifles (3 RIFLES) and 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment who moved into Patrol Base Pimon in the Nad ‘Ali district of Helmand province at the operation’s start.

Continues at: – UK advisors support Afghan Army operation

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    April 25, 2012 22:41

    Hi buddies, an operations neither easy nor deprived of risks.but this is a normality. this operation is finalized to counteract talibans and terrorsim and done garancy to transition phase concretation, avoiding the loss of all just now conquered.
    A duty, yours, for whom we thanks sincerily.
    Even if this may appear a codified phrase it is the only prhase to sintetized all our thoughts and sentiments claudio alpaca

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