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Defence Secretary announces £70m for Afghan security forces

April 19, 2012

The UK will provide £70m a year to fund the Afghan National Security Forces after British combat operations end in Afghanistan in 2014, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced.

He made the announcement at a meeting of NATO Foreign and Defence Ministers in Brussels.

The funding will be kept under review and will come from the cross-government conflict pool. It will be part of a $4bn fund that the international community is putting together to ensure that Afghan forces can maintain their national security and prevent the country once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists after the end of NATO combat operations.

The first payment of £70m will be made in 2015.

Mr Hammond said:

“The UK contribution of £70m per annum to the funds to support the Afghan National Security Forces will make Afghanistan a safer and more stable country and protect our own national interests.

“This contribution underlines our commitment to a stable and secure Afghanistan after 2014 and I look forward to discussing with other like-minded countries the contributions they will make.”

Continues at: Defence Secretary announces £70m for Afghan security forces

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    April 19, 2012 18:53

    A thank for a right determination for a right cause. this willconsent afghan forces to improve itself on his duty of land patrol and govern and will sign the new phase consolidation. claudio alpaca

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