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RAF snipers protect Afghan family from insurgent attack

February 7, 2012

[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2012]Snipers from the RAF Regiment used their skills and training to protect an Afghan family caught up in an attack by insurgents in Helmand province.

Gunners from II Squadron RAF Regiment got local people, including children, to safety before turning their weapons on the attackers.

The incident happened during an operation by the unit in Helmand province where they have been working hard to build relations with the local community and regularly hold shuras (meetings) with local elders.

The news coincides with today’s (1 February 2012) 70th anniversary of the formation of the RAF Regiment in 1942. A unit from II Squadron, which is normally based at RAF Honington in Suffolk, was on a foot patrol when the attack happened.

The patrol, which included snipers, were sat down talking to elders and children when they came under fire from an insurgent position. Reacting quickly, the patrol ensured the civilians were out of harm’s way before taking cover themselves.

Continues at: RAF snipers protect Afghan family from insurgent attack

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    February 7, 2012 18:05

    The relations with Afghan people are now intense and of a human high level. this traspair by the act posed on by the II Squadron RAF regiment gunners, whose preoccupation has been save local people and, then, fire attackers. Now human rapport have rosed and are at a notevol level, the same we may riscontre beetween a natural community.
    A hope that has concretized and for wich I thanks You, buddies. claudio Alpaca

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