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Sappers upgrade supply route in Helmand

December 9, 2011

A team of British sappers have upgraded a crucial supply route in Helmand province to ensure that the local Afghan population can use the road throughout the winter.

Sapper using a protected self-loading dump truck

Local Afghans watch as British Army engineers from 29 Armoured Engineer Squadron put a protected self-loading dump truck to good use during the upgrading of Route Mars in Lashkar Gah district. Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Sappers from 29 Armoured Engineer Squadron, part of 35 Engineer Regiment, ‘winter-proofed’ Route Mars in Lashkar Gah district, Helmand province, by installing 18 new culverts – or drainage channels – to make the road more resilient to flooding during the wetter winter months. They got the job done in just 14 days, well inside the 25 allocated.

Route Mars runs through Precinct 8 of Lashkar Gah, soon to be handed over to Afghan security control.

Continues at: – Sappers upgrade supply route in Helmand

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    December 9, 2011 20:39

    I plause initiative and humanity of sappers on the interess of Afghan’s people.
    A route consent major communications and human rapports and this is important, on a country such Afghanistan.
    Thanks and honor to them.
    Claudio Alpaca

  2. December 14, 2011 09:42

    In a good year, some 4 inches of rain fall total in the winter months. None in summer.

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