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Sailor discusses her work in Bastion Hospital

November 3, 2011

A sailor who spent four months helping to run the field hospital at Camp Bastion has spoken about the traumatic incidents and dangers medics face on a daily basis in Afghanistan.

A patient in Camp Bastion Hospital receives medical attention

A patient in Camp Bastion Hospital receives medical attention. Sergeant Jon Bevan, Crown Copyright/MOD 2009

Leading Writer Rebecca Aitken, aged 31, served as a receptionist at the field hospital. Her duties included alerting medical staff and caring for troops injured by improvised explosive devices.

Leading Writer Aitken was the point of contact when a casualty was being rescued from across Helmand province and she would receive a short e-mail message in code that would tell her how many casualties were coming in and what was wrong with them:

“I would hear a small ping on my computer, like a message alert, and that would spark me into action,” she explained.

“I would put out a trauma call and get the surgeons, anaesthetists and anyone else who needed to be there to respond.”

Continues at: – Sailor discusses her work in Bastion Hospital

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    November 3, 2011 22:54

    When we know that people as Leading Writer Rebecca Aitken exist, we are happy and , thanking them, we have the sensation to be very little.
    We thanks men as him, we honor them for the duty tehy exert every day for save lives.
    thank very much, rebecca Aitken, we are an example of how a live may be spend to save others.
    claudio Alpaca

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