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Home from Helmand, UK commanders review HERRICK 14

October 19, 2011

Following their return to the UK, the Brigade Commander and commanding officers of two of the main British Units deployed to southern Afghanistan between April and September 2011 have spoken of a tour during which UK Forces worked closer than ever with their Afghan partners to mutual benefit.

Brigadier Ed Davis shakes hands with General Hakim Angar

Brigadier Ed Davis shakes hands with General Hakim Angar, Helmand's Head of Police, as the lead responsibility for security of the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, is handed over to the Afghan National Security Forces on 20 July 2011. Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Hamish Burke, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Brigadier Ed Davis, Commanding Officer of 3 Commando Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Lee, Commanding Officer 45 Commando Royal Marines, and Lieutenant Colonel Giles Woodhouse, Commanding Officer 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Staffords), held a media briefing at the Ministry of Defence Main Building in London today, 19 October, to give their accounts of the achievements made during Operation HERRICK 14.

Brigadier Davis talked of the campaign in Helmand province as being very much on track thanks not only to the efforts made during 3 Commando’s tour, but because of the hard work and sacrifice of those on previous tours. And by that he did not only mean ISAF troops:

“Increasingly the progress is Afghan led. The Afghans have developed an appetite to seize back sovereignty from the insurgent,” he said.

Continues at: – Home from Helmand, UK commanders review HERRICK 14

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    October 20, 2011 13:11

    More thanks to Commando Brigade45 Commando Royal marines, 3rd battalion The Mercian regiment as, throught operation HERRICK 14, they have won the war against the Afghan people’s diffidence and have created a new people, who love democracy, human rights respect, law respect.
    A war on the war that is no less important that the terror’s war.
    They have created a new Afghanistan where democracy is not only a word, but a reality.
    Thanks again Claudio Alpaca

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