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The Atlantic: Our man in Kandahar

September 27, 2011

Abdul Raziq and his men have received millions of dollars’ worth of US training and equipment to help in the fight against the Taliban. But is our ally—long alleged to be involved in corruption and drug smuggling—also guilty of mass murder?

Shyly, at times smiling with weak adolescent bravado, the two young men recounted to me how they were beaten and tortured. It was July, and we were sitting at a table in the cavernous restaurant where they both work, in the stupefying summer heat. They slouched forward with their arms on their knees, frequently glancing down toward their open sandals, at toes where livid burns from the electrical wires were still visible.

Continues at: – Our man in Kandahar

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    September 27, 2011 21:09

    Corruption is more pregnant on Afghanistan and this aspect of the society has determined and determine situations such that described.
    We can not tinks that all, on Afghanistan, is win and free is souverain.
    We have more to do, but the more difficult training is make free by corruption not only the Afghan people, but also those that are part of army and police.
    It is a very hard duty whose result are not sure.
    May we win this challenges? I tinks yes, also if this will require more time and more energies.
    Claudio Alpaca

  2. hectoranibal permalink
    September 27, 2011 23:15

    y si en la guerra pasan estas cosas ,aca en argentina sabemos muy bien de ello,las fuerzas policiales y de seguridad se ponen paranoicas y ven guerrilleros por todos lados ,y lamentablemente hay gente inocente que la pasa muy mal..

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