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Michael Yon: The long walk

September 27, 2011

Surprises are everywhere. Behind these doors could be a thousand pounds of explosives waiting for the patrol.  Or there might be a cow and some chickens.

Under every step is a surprise. You mustn’t think about it, and you must never forget it.

Continues at: – The long walk

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    September 27, 2011 20:58

    A walk for patrol, a walk where the surprises are, essentially, negatives.
    To be afraid is natural, also if the resilience, skill, courage are present.
    The images done the reality of a situation very hard to afront any day, a situation that my apport logorement, and have the consequence known as PTSD.
    Hi buddies, be more resilient and done a command to Your mind, on terms possible: I may not be win as I have control of my mind, the rationality that I need, the courage.
    I have loved ones that love me and for them I will have more skill.
    Sincerily Claudio Alpaca

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