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British Forces News: New badge for IED search teams

September 14, 2011

The dangerous work of High Assurance Improvised Explosive Device (IED) search teams is being recognised with the creation of a Search Badge.

The oval-shaped badge is emblazoned with the word “Search”, with a design of an eye and flame above it, to represent the nature of the work.

The search teams are out on the ground in Helmand province every day of the year searching for roadside bombs, which are removed or destroyed by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators.

The Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Mark Mans, has presented the badge to operators and advisors who have recently returned from Afghanistan and to those who will deploy shortly.

It was officially launched at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, Essex, the home of search specialists 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) and 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD).

Over 100 soldiers from 17 Field Squadron (EOD), part of 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD), who are also based at the barracks, are currently deployed in Afghanistan.

From BritishForcesNews on YouTube.

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    September 15, 2011 20:18

    Improved explosive device team search is a team of men whose duty is more important for save the live of their buddies.
    They, who now have a search badge, merit all our thanks for that is more that a normal duty.
    Thanks very much Claudio Alpaca

  2. thomas sharpe permalink
    September 22, 2011 15:34

    A search badge to recognize their incredible bravery is a step in the right direction but its nowhere near enough… The IED SEARCH TEAMS deserve an end of tour cash bonus at least equal to that of ATO.
    You can’t put a price on bravery perhaps but you certainly can on danger and to pay one so much less than the other is nothing short of an insult !!!

    just watch bbc Bomb Squad…

  3. Hazy Brown Armstrong permalink
    October 28, 2011 01:16

    A simple badge does not repay for one minuite the bravery of these special people.It doesn’t matter where they are in the world they work long and tiring hours.I have the honour of knowing one of these bravest of the brave and i agree with another commentwhere the IED Search Teams do deserve an end of tour cash bonus…and should be more widely repaid although they do not do the job for the financial rewards.But it would show recognition.Bomb Squad BBC should have shown everyone the intenseness of their job and how it also affects their family and loved ones.They are special people.

  4. Thomas Sharpe permalink
    October 29, 2011 04:38

    I agree with (almost) every word you’ve said Hazy.

    Every soldier has my utmost respect and grattitude for the dangerous job they ALL do on our behalf and that of their comrades, I dont wish to undermine in any way the importance or relevence of any work they do, EVERY position is crucial to the success and safety of every mission. As for Courage and Bravery… No soldier knows for sure when they sign-up what will tasked of them so in my eyes they all have both in abundace!.

    That Said!… Some jobs are more dangerous and life threatening than others, none more so than the high assurance IED Search Teams. Yes I know the infantry, the medics, the helecopter pilots and countless others are right there in the thick of it but there is something special about those IED search teams… For example if an infantry unit suddenly came under attack, fear, anger, addrenaline would rush to their aid but those search teams have to somehow surpress these natural urges when they move forward searching for devices in a high risk enviroment, they have to remain cool, calm and focused when the metal detector buzzes get eye level to the device with just a bayonet and paint brush… There are times when an IED has exploded in a compound they have friends or comrades injured they cant just rush to their aid they have to slowly inch forward so as not to set off another one… They have to somehow keep that composure in the heat of confusion.

    I hate with a passion that over-used word “HEROE” it should be used only in exeedingly rare circumstances (exept of coarse for H4H) But your description “Bravest of the Brave” How can anyone disagree :)?

    this is the almost bit! Hazy!!!. Thank God the bbc did’nt find a couple of parents like my missus and I and show what effects it has on the family at home….Im an ex squaddie and needed to know whats “goin on” the missus is’nt and did’nt!…. anyway a 6month long story with many a tear along the way…. the good news for us… he arrived home 3 weeks ago in one piece safe and sound…. For all the families and friends with loved ones out there and to the ones who’s suffered injury death my heart goes out to you all… good luck and God Bless


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