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British Forces News: 2014 ‘waypoint’ in Afghanistan campaign but not pull-out

August 31, 2011

Britain’s most senior commander in Afghanistan says that the shape of the international force after combat troops leave in 2014 should become clear this autumn.

Lieutenant General James Bucknall, the International Security Force ISAF’s Deputy Commander, says it will not be a pullout. He says a significant international presence is likely for the foreseeable future.

“It’s absolutely essential that 2014 is viewed not as an end date for this campaign but as a way point in it. And at that way point all that simply happens is that the Afghan National Security Forces take the lead and ISAF takes a back seat and an advisory role,” he told Forces News.

It is expected that a new-look international force for training and mentoring in Afghanistan after 2014 will be revealed this autumn. General Bucknall says Britain and NATO will be key players and he is confident Afghans will be ready to run their country’s security.

He said: “I could point to you numerous examples of really good actions by Afghan Army, Afghan police every single day and so there is absolutely no reason why by the end of 2014 the Afghan security Forces will not be capable of taking the lead.”

ISAF’s deputy commander predicts that even this year the nearly 300,000 strong Afghan Security Forces will end up responsible for half the population. He says assassinations and violence are down and the insurgents are under pressure.

General Bucknall still warns of more hard fighting to come but believes that by 2014 the insurgency can be reduced to something Afghan forces can deal with.

From BritishForcesNews on YouTube.

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    September 1, 2011 13:42

    Lieutenant General James Bucknall has reason; I concorde absolutely with him.
    The transition phase means a period where an action of construction of a democracy, proved by year of tirranny and terror’s war, must be posed on.
    This need the presence of forces that may done garancy of an organic constrution of a nation born after the war.
    Afghan people may not be leaved to itself on this hystoric moment, on hands of oppressive parts that, with their corruption and illecit activities, will vanify any efforts made for many years.

    Ours presences is required by situation.

    Claudio Alpaca

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