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The Guardian: Religion in Camp Bastion: ‘What people are asked to do here can lead to big questions’

August 22, 2011

Religious affairs correspondent Riazat Butt is travelling through Afghanistan with army chaplains. She starts her blog looking at vigils for dead soldiers, and will send shorter posts throughout the next two weeks.

Camp Bastion, Helmand, southern Afghanistan

Camp Bastion, Helmand, southern Afghanistan. Picture: Sergeant Alison Baskerville, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Few things stay spotless in Camp Bastion, Britain’s dusty and parched military base in south-western Afghanistan. An exception perhaps is a monument, topped by a cross made from discarded shell casings, which sits in a 300sq ft area. It is the focus for an unhappily frequent occasion for servicemen and women – a vigil for soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty in Helmand province.

Continues at: – Religion in Camp Bastion: ‘What people are asked to do here can lead to big questions’

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    August 22, 2011 22:24

    I have an hope and a big will: made possible the integration of religions,
    I am sure God love alls its soons and its volunty is their reconciliation.
    We know that christian and muslin pray the same God, taht is the God of Abram, Isac and jacob.
    Ismael is a soon of Abram and its name signify: Good heard.
    The big challenge of the moment is the disarm of religions, the disarm of the mind of men who have armed religions.
    We have in this moment to realize this obiective, to win this war that is a war of peace for peace.
    It is the only way for never had unhappily cross.
    Claudio Alpaca

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