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Michael O Neill: Different faces of the campaign: Tackling maternal mortality

August 19, 2011

International support for Afghanistan has many facets.  Coalition assistance goes much wider than military action by International Security Assistance Force and Afghan forces – from training the Afghan police and judiciary to supporting local government.  All of it is aimed at enabling Afghans to run their own affairs, build lasting stability, meet the people’s basic needs – and so win their support.

Continues at: Michael O Neill: Different faces of the campaign: Tackling maternal mortality.

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:52

    I hope Afghanistan and Afghan people may soon win all difficulties due not only to years of war, a war of terror, but also to a taliban’s imposed state of subordination, difficulties, rights deprivation, dignity mortification.
    On such a situation, war, also if cruent, has be a phase to conquer dignity, will, family serenity and alls other aspects of normal live, such as culture, school frequentation.
    Activity posed on by Coalition is wide and important on alls aspect and I wish that soon Afghan have a normal live, eg a live as those of free peolples.
    Thanks Claudio Alpaca

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