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The Atlantic: Enlisting Allah

August 17, 2011

To thwart the Taliban, US marines in Helmand province are teaching the locals to read the Koran.

Soon after he deployed to southern Afghanistan this spring, Lieutenant Commander Nathan Solomon, a US Navy chaplain, learned of a disconcerting and persistent belief among the locals in northern Marja: the Afghan soldiers stationed there weren’t Muslim.

Continues at: – Enlisting Allah

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  1. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    August 17, 2011 20:48

    Allah, that is God, the God of The Ancient Testament, is the God of alls men of all over the world. Allah is God and God must not be used strumentally inspire hide to others.
    Allah, God, is a God of Love, is Love.
    Afghan’s soldiers, brothers on God, You are Muslin as others also if others tell not.
    To be a Muslin do not depend by others volunty.
    You are Muslin, soon of Allah that is God.
    You are Muslin like others and better of others.
    Cordiality Claudio Alpaca

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