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RAF airman’s Afghanistan blog a big hit

August 9, 2011

An RAF airman’s blog about his current deployment in Afghanistan has notched up 80,000 hits, and had an article written about it on the BBC news website.

Sergeant Alex Ford RAF with Afghan children
Sergeant Alex Ford RAF with Afghan children [Picture: Sergeant Alex Ford RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

Sergeant Alex Ford is an avionics technician, usually based at RAF Benson near Oxford. In March 2011, he deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Military Stabilisation Support Team who work with the Task Force Helmand Battle Group to assist the local population with recovery and reconstruction.

He has been updating his blog, which is officially sponsored by the MOD and promoted on its social media pages, every few days since he has been in Helmand, and as well as being read by thousands it has now come to the attention of the BBC, with a story by journalist Andy McFarlane about the blog published yesterday.

Suggesting why Sergeant Ford’s blog has become so popular, Mr McFarlane writes:

“The 41-year-old [Sergeant Ford] mines a rich vein of anecdotes through his work as an intermediary between British forces and the Afghan people. The results are often comical, such as his description of a farmer bursting into his office to complain that UK forces had ‘stolen mud’ from a field they were leasing as a place to burn off waste.

“But the blog also explains the psychological pressures of war with a brutal honesty that is hard to come by elsewhere.”

Continues at: – RAF airman’s blog from Afghanistan is big hit

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  1. Nick Downs permalink
    August 9, 2011 15:28

    Great article about a great bloke doing a great job. Shame about the dodgy moustache though; what was he thinking lol. Stay safe everyone x


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