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New Boomerang device helps troops return Taliban fire

August 4, 2011

LAND2011139BomerangIII003 A state-of-the-art new shot detection system called Boomerang III has been introduced in patrol bases and checkpoints on the front line of Helmand province to alert troops immediately to the source of incoming fire.

The acoustic shot detection system detects shots fired at bases, and using a high tech display indicates the location of the enemy firing point, allowing troops to rapidly return accurate fire or move to safety.

Lance Bombardier Dyron Yard, from 5th Regiment Royal Artillery, has been using the Boomerang device at his patrol base in Helmand province. He said:

    "It triangulates the point where the enemy is firing from. It gives you a range and bearing so that you can put accurate fire on that target and neutralise it."

Captain George Shipman, from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, has also been using Boomerang in Afghanistan. He said:

    "We've had it here for about a month and already we've used it on a number of occasions where checkpoints have been engaged, and it's helped us to identify exactly where that firing point was.

    "Usually it would take us maybe ten seconds to identify a firing point using optics, but the Boomerang speeds that up considerably."

Continues at: New Boomerang device helps troops return Taliban fire

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