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New protective clothing bound for troops in Afghanistan

July 29, 2011

The final phase of the MOD’s pelvic protection system will be issued to troops on the front line in Afghanistan in the next few months along with a new Personal Clothing System.

The Pelvic Protection System is designed to mitigate the effects of explosions on the front line.

With Tiers One and Two already in use, the third and final phase of the system will provide additional support to balance personnel’s personal safety with the necessary comfort and manoeuvrability they need to undertake operations.

Private Scott Littleton, 2 Mercian Regiment, wearing the new protective clothing. Picture: Andrew Linnett, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Tier One is worn as underwear, manufactured from scientifically-tested ballistic silk that provides an initial level of protection to mitigate against the effects of blasts, including shrapnel.

Tier Two is a second layer of detachable pelvic body armour, worn by troops when carrying out higher risk tasks outside the wire.

The final tier of the system consists of ballistic knee-length shorts, designed for use by troops whose roles demand greater levels of protection on patrol – such as those operating the lead metal detector in teams searching for Improvised Explosive Devices.

All three tiers integrate with the rest of troops’ personal kit, which has now been redesigned specifically to be worn with body armour.

Tier Three of the Pelvic Protection System. Picture: Andrew Linnett, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Troops deploying to Afghanistan in October 2011 are to be amongst the first to benefit from this new Personal Clothing System – a tougher, more comfortable and efficient combat uniform that can be easily adapted to suit the many different environments troops face on the frontline.

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Peter Luff MP, said:

“This investment in cutting edge science and technology will benefit the long term welfare of our troops, demonstrating our commitment to providing them with the best possible kit on the front line.”

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  1. Susan Riddell permalink
    July 29, 2011 20:40

    I am so pleased to hear off this good news that all our soldiers are to be given more protective clothing this should of been done years ago, our troops deserve the best protection. I would like to say to all our troops stay safe stay low xxx

  2. Claudio Alpaca permalink
    July 29, 2011 20:58

    I am happy and congratulate for the ballistic protection, whose utility is great.
    Alls may render safe the live of warriors, on case of most dangerous operations, is a satisfatory result.

    Thanks on Your and my name.

    Sincerily Claudio Alpaca

    Pieve di Teco, 29.7.2011

  3. July 31, 2011 00:10

    It’s so very important that this new protective is available for our troops on the front line and if it reduces the impact – it will reduce the injuries. Damage limitation and wounded reduction is absolutely vital x

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