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Sappers help build a brighter future in Helmand

July 28, 2011

Staff Sergeant Eddie Morrison pumps water from a newly-installed well in Helmand province's northern Nahr-e Saraj district [Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2011] Two Royal Engineers are currently bringing the wealth of their vast military experience to southern Afghanistan, to help Helmand's civilian population build for its future.

Staff Sergeants Mark Smith and Eddie Morrison of the Corps of Royal Engineers are both four months into a tour of Helmand province with the Military Stabilisation and Support Team (MSST) in Nahr-e Saraj (North).

Both soldiers have enjoyed careers packed with action in operational theatres all over the world. During his 20-year career, SSgt Smith has deployed on operations in the Falklands, Belize, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. SSgt Morrison has served in Ireland, Iraq, Kenya, Canada, Belize, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, and is now on his third tour of Afghanistan.

Continues at: – Sappers help build a brighter future in Helmand

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