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Armed Forces Day: thoughts from Afghanistan

June 25, 2011

Happy Armed Forces Day to all our followers from around the world who, every day, leave such positive comments on this website, or on Twiter and Facebook; your continued support for what we are doing in Afghanistan and the progress we are making is vital.

Your support for Armed Forces Day is also important and means a lot to us all; here are some of the comments from the troops currently serving on Op HERRICK.

Trooper Adrian Tappin is a 22 year old soldier from Oxford. He is currently serving in Afghanistan as a CVR(T) driver in A Squadron, 9th/12th Royal Lancers.

“Out here in Afghanistan, knowing that the public back home is supporting the troops means an awful amount and having days like AFD gives the public an insight as to what we are doing out here and at the same time lets us know that we are being supported for our hard, yet rewarding work.”

Trooper Adrian Tappin, 9th/12th Royal Lancers

Lt Col James de Labillière DSO MBE, 40, Commanding Officer 1 RIFLES, based in Chepstow.

“I think Armed Forces Day is a good way to promote the work of the Armed Forces as public support means an awful lot, along with support from family and friends. However Armed Forces Day is just of the many ways of showing support for Servicemen: rather than being fêted for a single day our Servicemen should be supported and celebrated all year round because of the importance of their work and the benefit that it brings to the community; a Rifleman is for life, not just for Armed Forces Day.”

WO1 (RSM) Adrian Farmer, RSM 1 RIFLES, based in Chepstow.

“Armed Forces Day provides a great opportunity for the public to show their support for those serving. Seeing and knowing that we have the support and confidence of the people at home is a great morale boost, especially when you are on operations, and the support of communities closer to home gives our families a boost knowing that our absence is appreciated by those beyond the battalion and regimental family.”

RSM Adrian Farmer and Lt Col James de la Billiere, Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion The Rifles.

Gemma Sheldon is a Royal Navy Medical Assistant from the Close Support Medical Regiment. The 29 year old from Tamworth in Staffordshire is currently attached to 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS) on a six month tour of Afghanistan.

“The support of the public means a lot. It is always nice to know that the public are behind us and thinking about us in a place like this. I think AFD is a great opportunity for people to show their support and with all the different events it is a good opportunity for the forces to show off what we do too. There can be a lot of bad press for the forces and it is nice to know people are behind us. We are just doing our job after all.”

MA Gemma Sheldon, Close Support Medical Regiment, attached to 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland

Trooper Michael Weir is serving with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in Helmand province. The 21 year old from Largs is a Jackal driver.

“AFD is great for my mates to be able to learn a bit about being in the Army and what it is like to be here in Afghanistan and it is really cool to see the amount of respect that is paid to soldiers both now and in the past.”

Trooper Michael Weir, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Marine Junior McIlhiney age 22 from Plymouth, and Marine Matt Reece age 23 from Durban, South Africa, pose for a photo showing their support for Armed Forces Day at PB Shahzad. Photo: LA(Phot) Dave Hillhouse. Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

Vehicle Mechanics Marine Daniel Goode (VM 2) of 42 Commando Royal Marines, and Cpl Simon Martin (VM 2) of the REME attached to 42 Commando for OP Herrich 14, pose for a photo showing their support for Armed Forces Day. Here they can be seen working underneath a Mastiff vehicle in the vehicle mechanics workshop on PB Shahzad. Photo: LA(Phot) Dave Hillhouse. Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Kerry Maria Lawson permalink
    June 25, 2011 15:59

    Lovely pics ‘guys’ Wishing my Adopta Squaddies-AG, BH, DH & Troops best4 AFD. On First Aid duty 2moro Enfield london Luv 2all

  2. June 25, 2011 16:10

    Sending our utmost respect to all HM Forces on deployment and wherever they are in the world. Your commitment and professionalism is unrivalled and has our unconditional support. and deepest appreciation.

    (Log on to our website and register for parcels whilst on deployment.)

    Keep safe.
    Best Wishes All
    Agnes & All at ‘SoS’x

  3. Joy permalink
    June 25, 2011 20:01

    Happy Armed Forces day thank you for your dedication out there..
    Thinking of past & present soldiers, also the fallen soldiers..
    God Bless you all…

  4. Susan Riddell permalink
    June 25, 2011 21:02

    To all the Troops Happy Armed Forces day thank you thinking of the past and present and also the fallen soldiers. ive been helping to sell raffles books and wrist bands all the money that is raised will go towards buying a Haven House Mobile Support Unit.this is for all our soldiers details can be found on http://WWW.OPERATIONBRAVEHEART.ORG,UK
    God Bless all of you xxxx

  5. Natalie Wilson permalink
    June 26, 2011 00:06

    Would just like to say a very big “Happy Armed Forces Day” to you all. Thank you for all your hand work, determination & dedication – Max Respect to each & every one.
    Thinking of you.
    Stay safe xoxox

  6. Chrissy permalink
    June 26, 2011 04:53

    Thank You and ULTIMATE RESPECT to each and every one of you. You ALL do a sterling job, always. So proud of you all, you really are Simply THE Best.

    Take Care of each other, heads down, chins up, Remain Safe, God Bless.
    Keeping you, your Friends, Families, Colleagues, and Regiments, in my thoughts and prayers
    Love to you all.
    Chrissy xx

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