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Afghan soldiers now teaching Afghan policemen at RPG Range

June 17, 2011

At the Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest in Helmand province, Afghan National Security Forces typically get their military training from US Marine instructors. On the 14th of June, for the first time, Afghan Uniformed policemen attending the course received training from Afghan National Army soldiers from the Afghan Small Arms Weapons Instructor’s Course.

A student with the Afghan Small Arms Weapons Instructor’s Course at Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest, Camp Leatherneck gives the Afghan Uniformed Police Course a safety brief prior to conducting a live-fire training operation. This was the first time ANA soldiers have led Afghan policemen in this way.

The intent of the event was to show the Marine instructors that the ANA soldiers taking part in the weapons course can conduct instructional operations, and that the policemen can use that knowledge and be successful.

The soldiers set up the range by organizing training lanes with cones and preparing a shaded area for the students on a day where temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. Afghan student instructors gave a detailed brief to ensure safety.

Click HERE, or on the image above to read the full story on the ISAF in Afghanistan website.

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