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Afghans graduate Explosive Hazard Reduction Course

June 14, 2011

Afghan national army soldiers graduated the Explosive Hazard Reduction course 11-4 held at Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest at Camp Leatherneck (adjacent to Camp Bastion) on the 9th of June.

The EHRC was a four-week course designed to teach ANA soldiers how to detect improvised explosive devices and remove them from an area. The 24 Afghans who graduated also received advanced courses in detonating and disposing IEDs.

The Explosive Hazard Reduction course graduates shortly after their graduation at the Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest aboard Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province.

“The soldiers took to the information well and were quite keen,” said Royal Army Cpl. Paul M. Green, an EHRC instructor. “They grasped the information very well. I think that’s important because then Afghanistan forces won’t be relying on International Security Assistance Forces for the detection and removal of IEDs.”

The graduation ceremony featured a speech from ANA Brig. Gen. Qordatullah Quam, the cultural and religious affairs officer with 215th Corps, who spoke to the soldiers about their accomplishment and new duties as explosive hazard reduction specialists in the ANA.

The rest of this story is on the ISAF in Afghanistan website and can be found by clicking HERE, or on the image above.

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