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Ruined Afghan fort home again for British troops

June 2, 2011

Operation Herrick is not the first time British troops have fought in Afghanistan. The first, second and third Afghan wars saw British troops based in both Helmand and Kandahar. A reminder of that history can be found at Forward Operating Base Shawqat. It was built in 2009 inside the ruins of an old British fort called Farangi — which translates as the Foreigner’s Castle – on the advice of local elders.

Click on the image below to view this report by Charlotte Cross of BFBS

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  1. Shadowman permalink
    June 3, 2011 08:40

    Good article!
    One place I’d love to see an article done on is JTAC Hill.
    That’d be really interesting (as the southernmost British outpost in Helmand, and IIRC the place where Prince Harry served a while ago). Oh, and maybe you can do a video of FOB Inkerman – always been one of my favourites, with a few great vids on YouTube. I remember that one of the conversations went like this –
    Soldier (to cameraman) – “We’re in FOB Inkerman.”
    Cameraman – “Where is FOB Inkerman?”
    Soldier – (stating the obvious) “FOB Inkerman is in Afghanistan…..”

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