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‘Sweating the metal’

May 30, 2011

Since April 2006, the RAF’s Chinook Force has been permanently deployed in Afghanistan, frequently under intense fire. In that time, the force has extracted almost 2000 casualties, saving the lives of many British soldiers.

Flt Lt Alex Duncan is a Chinook pilot who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. He survived being shot down not once, but twice, and has received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his courage. Alex has written a book about his experiences called ‘Sweating the Metal.’ Click on the video below to see the interview with Alex on BFBS.

The Chinook helicopter is one of the most iconic aircraft serving in Afghanistan. The RAF crews who serve on them repeatedly put themselves at risk to support the troops on the ground. Their missions range from dropping off water supplies to inserting Special Forces on operations. A few months ago, Toby Sadler of BFBS spent the day with a crew from Number 27 Squadron to see what life was like on board; you can view his story by clicking on the video below.

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