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Policing Lashkar Gah

May 6, 2011

At the ANP headquarters in Lashkar Gah, a network of checkpoints is co-ordinated with the aim of slowly expanding and improving security around the area.

But how is that happening on the ground? What are the ISAF and Afghan troops doing to improve the security situation in the Lashkar Gah region?

Click on the image below to view this film by Brett Turner of and try not to laugh when the British soldier falls in the ditch!

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  1. Shadowman permalink
    May 7, 2011 08:00

    Good video!
    Maybe a similar one could be done on Sangin? There seems to be very little news from there – I’m keen to see how things are going there.

  2. Jacqueline Hughes permalink
    May 7, 2011 18:56

    Rock on Brit troops – fall in the ditch as often as you like but just stay safe & sound – we want you all home ASAP in one piece, and THAT is the name of the game!!!

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