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Cornish boxer going the distance in Kabul

May 6, 2011

A soldier from Newquay has set-up a boxing club for Afghan youngsters at his base in Kabul.

Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Rob Smith (39) – who serves with the Joint Support Unit at Camp Souter – has been running training sessions with young people from the local Afghan community.

“I started training some of the local traders on camp, because I found out they enjoyed boxing,” he said. “I love boxing, and the word got around. It didn’t take long to realise that these guys have got talent. And the relationship has built up since then.”

“It keeps the guys off the streets, and keeps them out of harm,” he added. “And you have the social aspect of it. It’s a place for them to congregate. As with boxing in the UK, here in Afghanistan a boxing club is a place to not only train, but also to get together.”

WO2 Rob Smith with two of his Afghan trainees. Picture Sgt Ali Baskerville. Crown Copyright/MOD 2011.

Rob arrived at Camp Souter at the start of this year (2011). The Joint Support Unit provides assistance to the local community, carrying out projects such as the commissioning of new wells. The unit also looks to improve the local schools and communal areas.

A number of youngsters have been taking part in the training sessions at Camp Souter, including Omar (19), who runs a shop on the base selling gifts.

“I was working on the punch bag in the gym on camp one day when Rob saw me,” said Omar. “He started training with me. Rob is very good at boxing, and he’s a very good coach.”

“Boxing is my life,” he added. “My favourite boxers are Mike Tyson and Amir Khan. I also like Rocky!”

WO2 Rob Smith sparring with one of his boxing mentees. Picture: Sgt Ali Baskerville RLC. Crown Copyright/MOD 2011

There are approximately forty boxing clubs in Kabul. Only a handful are government-sponsored, and many are short of equipment.

As well as providing training sessions at Camp Souter, Rob has also met with a representative from the ABF (Afghan Boxing Federation) and coaches from one of the local clubs, Jawanan Boxing Kabul. He’s helped to provide the club with some much-needed kit.

“The area where we are situated is not the most affluent in Kabul,” said Rob, “so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to assist in any way we can. Having emailed everyone I know and a few people I don’t in the boxing industry back in the UK, we’ve started to accumulate a few bits and pieces of equipment which we’ve presented to the club.”

Among those who’ve pledged support for Rob is James DeGale, who won a gold medal for Great Britain in the Middleweight category at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. His sponsors Lonsdale have put together a package of equipment for the Afghan boxers which includes training tops, gloves and boots.

Other boxers who’ve helped out include Ricky Hatton and Carl Froch, who’ve sent Rob signed posters that have been auctioned to raise money for more equipment.

“We’ve been very fortunate” said Rob. “But if anyone sends us more kit, whether it’s old or new, it’s always welcome.”

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  1. karen permalink
    May 6, 2011 23:08

    well done rob, im cornish and proud, and well done for what you are doing, i send to the troops and i will try and get some stuff for boxing if i can

  2. Shadowman permalink
    May 7, 2011 07:50

    Good stuff! Sports are a very good way of getting the young people occupied, and giving them a real sense of positiveness and purpose. At the same time, they can further their education as well.

    • karen permalink
      May 8, 2011 19:05

      I send out cricket sets and footballs to the guys also, and im able to get some boxing vests and a punch bag to go out to aghan….

  3. January 21, 2012 13:34

    Hello Rob Smith,

    Hope you’re in a perfect health!
    I am interested in boxing and I am member of an afghan boxing club but I have some difficulty in my club like boxing stuffs, techniques, coach, so I request you please help me I am really eager of boxing and I have a good experience.
    Can I joint your club and also please send me your contact # so I easily can come to you.
    I appreciate if you help me and coach me to learn and do something.
    Send me your contact details at or +93799 533271

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