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Gurkhas complete first major operation of Herrick 14

May 1, 2011

In Helmand’s Nad-e Ali District, a major search operation has been carried out in an area thought to be a Taliban safe-haven. The soldiers of B Company, Second Battalion Royal Ghurkha Rifles, worked alongside the Afghan National Army and Police, during Operation Tora Gorga.

They searched a series of compounds used by insurgents to launch ambushes near the village of Shin Kalay. During the operation nobody knew what they would find, or what the Taliban would do; stand and fight, try to run, or hide among the people but there was a sense of danger in the air.

The Ghurkhas provided the security, as the Afghan forces approached the compounds. There are a lot of benefits in searching the compounds, If there are any enemy there, they will be frightened, won’t be able to fight and will leave.

For the Ghurkhas, it’s frustrating but that is the Afghan way of doing things. Their first major operation over, it’s just the start of a very busy summer.

Charlotte Cross of BFBS joined the soldiers of B Coy 2RGR on Op TORA GORGA and you can view her video story by clicking on the image below.

Image from Op TORA GORGA. Click here to view the video by Charlotte Cross on the BFBS website.

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  1. Roger permalink
    May 3, 2011 19:08

    Can someone in Media Ops please comment on why success stories are being run on operations to clear villages such as Shin Kalay, which has been ‘cleared’ of Taliban on at least 3 highly-publicised occasions before?

    42 Cdo RM – SOND CHARA (2008/9)
    1 LANCS – TOR SHEZADE (2010)
    1 R IRISH – TOR KANJAK 5 (2010)
    2 RGR – TORA GORGA (2011)

    Charlotte would do much to enhance her reputation as a journalist if she were to ask the question why have four operations had to be mounted to secure this village over the past 30 months.

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