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Royal Marines partnering Afghans on and off the pitch

April 22, 2011

Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan have taken time out from working alongside their Afghan colleagues to teach them how to play rugby.

Marines from 45 Commando are working alongside soldiers from the Afghan National Army to provide security in the Nad-e Ali South area of Helmand. The Marines and ANA share a Forward Operating Base, carry out patrols together and meet with local people living nearby.

Royal Marines from 45 CDO ahead of their partnered rugby match with their Afghan National Army comrades.

Captain Stuart Maccrimmon is the Adjutant of 45 Commando:

“We work really long days, often in the blazing sun, so it can be really tiring and quite stressful. On the rare occasions we have a bit of spare time, the lads like to have a kick about or throw the ball around but we noticed the Afghans were a bit reluctant to join in – think they were just confused about the rules.”

So, Capt Maccrimmon and some of the Marines decided to train up the Afghans so they could take part. There was no shortage of volunteers from the ANA and over the last few weeks since 45 Cdo arrived, the ANA have been getting to grips with the basics of passing, line outs and scrums. To make things a bit more interesting Stuart and his team organised a match between the Marines and the soldiers to take place at FOB Shawqat.

Captain (Capt) Phillip Hobbs from 45 Royal Marines Commando makes a dash for it.

Capt Maccrimmon says it got quite competitive:

“The performance of the Afghans impressed us all; especially as they had never played or even watched rugby before. At first, we thought we’d better go easy on them but had to change that tactic when we realised how good they were!”

Despite all their coaching and determination, the ANA team didn’t manage to win the match. However, they have challenged the Marines to a game of cricket to try and even the score.

The shirts worn by the Royal Marines and the Afghan soldiers will be auctioned back in the UK to raise money for military charities.

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  1. Shadowman permalink
    April 23, 2011 05:33

    Good stuff! Being a Kiwi, I can appreciate this…… 🙂


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