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‘I fell off the back of a helicopter.’

April 12, 2011

‘I caught a US Marine Sea Stallion to Lash and had a nighttime tour of Central Helmand. I’m not sure where we went but we bumped up and down a few times before I got the thumbs up to jump off – not that I was jumping anywhere with my large bergen, black bag, day sack, guitar, rifle and body armour. So, I fell off the back of the helicopter.’

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick is the Task Force Helmand spokesman for Operation HERRICK 14. Like his predecessor, Lieutenant Colonel David Eastman, he will be blogging throughout his tour. In his first post he writes about his first month in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick. Task Force Helmand Op HERRICK 14 Spokesman.

‘I went down to the (Afghan Police) Regional Training Centre (South West)…..The ride down there in a Husky vehicle was a little like buckling a Michelin man into a matchbox as, with body armour on and the armoured door closed, there was just about enough room to get my four point harness on – just glad I’m not a strapping Jock. We drove out through the bustling Lashkar Gah market, headed past a huge tractor dealership and out past a mass of house building and into the vibrantly green agricultural zone on the City’s outskirts. As we arrived at the Kandahar Gate we turned into RTC(SW) just in time to see the first dignitaries arrive for the graduation of 156 new patrolmen. After the ceremony, which involved a number of speeches, certificates for the students and a march past, we had an Afghan lunch before heading back home to base. One thing which struck me at the end was the good humoured joshing and joking between the newly-graduated policemen and their British military and police instructors, a clear sign of the bonds established over eight weeks of hard graft required to complete the course.’

To read Colonel Tim’s full blog article on the British Army website, click HERE.

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  1. tari permalink
    April 12, 2011 18:29


  2. Drew_Mac permalink
    April 12, 2011 18:54

    Just as well it wasn’t a Merlin – you might have broken something!

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