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Canada-led Afghan sweep nets weapons, explosives, drugs

April 12, 2011

‘A mostly Canadian-led seven day sweep across Panjwaii district that involved thousands of Canadian, American and Afghan troops ended Sunday, having found a trove of Taliban weaponry and homemade explosives as well as large quantities of drugs often used to fund the insurgency.

Click on this image to view the complete story from the Surghar Daily in Afghanistan.

The weapons and improvised explosive device caches discovered during Operation Hamaghe Shay II were expected to make it much harder for insurgents to plant homemade bombs during the summer fighting season in Kandahar. Attacks by the Taliban are expected to increase when the annual poppy harvest ends in a few weeks.

“The caches were mostly in the fields, not in the compounds,” said Maj. Martin Larose, operations officer for the Royal 22nd Regiment battle group. “Because we also found a lot of stuff in compounds in January and February, they may have changed their tactics.”

To read the full story on the Surghar Daily Afghanistan website, click HERE or on the image above.

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  1. neil permalink
    April 12, 2011 18:12

    Our boy’s and girl’s,have shown them how to do it.God bless the UK and the very best of luck.

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