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Frontline life brought home in new exhibition

April 8, 2011

Words and picture from the British Forces News Website.

A new exhibition that gives an insight into what it is like to serve on the frontline in Afghanistan has opened in the UK.

The Tank Museum at Bovington has mocked up a forward operating base to mirror those used by British troops.

A Forward Operating Base (FOB) is recreated in detail at the Tank Museum.

The backbone of the exhibition – titles Battlegroup Afghanistan – The Armoured Soldiers’ Story – is the Royal Armoured Corps which has shared its experiences through pictures and short films about what they do.

Relatives of the 12 soldiers killed in Afghanistan were invited to the official launch of the exhibition, along with Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson who lost both legs when an old Russian anti-tank mine exploded.

Museum spokesman Nick Wyness said: “For the first time the public will see the conflict through the soldiers’ eyes, redressing the balance on those issues that some soldiers feel are misrepresented or misunderstood at home.”

Researchers have spent hours interviewing soldiers from various regiments who have seen action in Afghanistan to create the new exhibition.

True stories from the front line are also featured – examples of day-to-day bravery that the public have never had the opportunity to hear until now.

The exhibition opens tomorrow (Saturday).

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  1. jack permalink
    April 8, 2011 21:30

    excellent idea. too bad ther can’t be one near every large city so people know what it is really like.

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