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‘Changing over…’

April 7, 2011

‘It’s a world of extremes, where you wander through the countryside on a patrol and talk to locals who show you pictures of the completion of the latest hand-pump well in their village on a Nokia mobile phone, as their children stand by them holding their hands out and say ‘Kalam, Kalam’ – the Pashtu word for ‘pen’, or else they snatch a bar of ration pack chocolate from your hand as you bend down to give it to them, running away shouting ‘chocolit, chocolit’ waving it in the air in triumph’

RAFairman is now settled in to life at his Patrol Base (PB) as part of the Military Stabilisation and Support Team (MSST) and is now beginning to reflect on his initial outings; viewing the terrain, meeting the people, as well as saying goodbye to those going home.

Click on the image below to read RAFairman’s new blog or, alternatively, click HERE.

Click on this image to read the latest blog from RAFairman.

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