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Flying Low..Flying Fast

March 31, 2011

“You can pay a lot for a thrill ride nowadays. If you are flush, a couple of hundred quid might buy you a trip in a helicopter somewhere. But money can’t buy the trip we had…

The flight was meant to last just 15 minutes, but we realised that something had gone awry after 15 minutes and we were still circling the Green Zone around the Helmand River at quite an altitude. The Crewman (who was actually a woman) manning the Machine Gun on the rear ramp of the helicopter came over and told us that we were on hold as there was a ‘contact’ going on near to our landing zone.

This brought the whole impact of where we were and what we were going into in to sharp focus. I have to admit that my throat went a little dry. A contact. A fire-fight of some description was under way near to where we would be landing. We circled for a good 10 minutes, the Crewman now with her hands on the gun ready, scanning the ground…and then she laughed and smiled…….”

RAFAirman has now arrived at the Forward Operating Base (FOB) that will be his home for the next 6 months. The journey so far has not been without incident and he describes the flight ‘forward’ in his latest blog article, “Flying Low, Flying Fast.” This latest episode of his blog can be found by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Click on this image to read RAFAirman's full article.

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