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March 22, 2011

‘RAFairman’ is the online name given to a friend and colleague of mine who normally works as an Aircraft Avionics Technician at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire. ‘RAFairman’ is a keen and prolific blogger and is sponsored by the MOD to tell his story about his life and experiences in the Royal Air Force. He also has his own Facebook page, webpage and Twitter feed.

‘RAFairman’ deployed to Afghanistan this week, to work as a member of the Military Stabilisation Support Team (MSST), a role for which he has been highly trained before arriving, but is still very different to anything he has experienced in his military career so far.

“Waiting”, like all his blogs, is a frank and honest account of life in Afghanistan and you can read RAFairman’s first blog from theatre (and all his previous blogs) by clicking HERE or by clicking on the image below.

RAFairman. Click on this image to take you to his blog.

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  1. March 22, 2011 20:27

    Thank you for all you are doing!
    I have been told many times by my brothers and friends that ‘waiting’ is very very frustrating when being deployed. Hope the tour goes well.
    Keep safe

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