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Kandahar Air Wing Rescues a Pair of Flood Victims.

March 3, 2011

A Kandahar Air Wing (KAW) aircrew, flying an Afghan Air Force Mi-17 transport helicopter rescued two Afghan men after their truck was stranded due to flash flooding on March the 1st.

Maj. Gen. Sherzai, the commander of the KAW received an emergency call from the Kandahar Province Deputy Governor requesting assistance to rescue the two stranded men. Within 30 minutes, an AAF Mi-17 helicopter launched to assess the situation and attempt the rescue.

An Afghan Air Force Mi-17 transport helicopter hovers near two men stranded by flash floods. The men were quickly pulled into the helicopter and rescued.

The dry river bed flooded overnight due to heavy rains, stranding the truck and its two occupants in the middle of the flood water. For three hours, the two men, Hamidullah and Rostam prayed for a rescue as the water rose to well over 9 feet deep. The answer to their prayers came in the form of the AAF.

The dry river bed, flooded due to the heavy rainfall.

The rescue occurred in clear view of several hundred local Afghans who gathered to watch as well as Afghan media proving to everyone in attendance that the Afghan government and the AAF could handle the situation.

The flood victims, Hamidullah and Rostam are escorted off the KAW flight line.

NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A) and Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, in coordination with NATO nations and partners, international organizations, donors and nongovernmental organizations; supports the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as it generates and sustains the Afghan National Security Force, develops leaders, and establishes enduring institutional capacity to enable accountable Afghan-led security.

Other stories, demonstrating the progress being made in Afghanistan, can be found on the NTM-A website HERE

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