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New Ration Packs are a Recipe for Success.

February 14, 2011

Troops fighting on the frontline are enjoying new and improved operational ration packs, including a lightweight version and a host of new menus. Designed for troops on patrols lasting 12 hours or less, the new lightweight ration pack weighs less than 1 kilogram. It includes food that can be easily carried in webbing pouches and pockets and eaten quickly whilst on operations.

The new 12 hour ration pack that is issued to British Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Delivered under a £140 million contract signed with Hampshire based company Purple Food Services, the latest meals feature new selections of food in the multi-climateration packs as well as the ten-man versions used by military chefs feeding troops in more remote tactical bases.

Private Ryan Salmon from D Company 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, said:

“The new 12 hour ration packs are a great change from the normal rations. It contains beef jerky and a sandwich which are great for a quick meal. The chemical water heater and main meal are good when you are on short ops, you can get a quick warm scoff and not worry about messing around with a cooker.”

As well as giving frontline troops more variety, this three year contract – which has options to extend for up to four more years – is expected to deliver savings of £1.6m a year to the MOD.

Every ration pack is nutritionally tailored to suit troops’ needs in different environments and developed to ensure they are provided with the 4,000 or more calories a day they need to keep their energy levels up whilst on active service.

Private Ryan Salmon from D Company 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (left) and Private Shaun Stranack from Support Company The 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, eat the new 12 hour ration packs that are issued to British Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Menus include Hindu, Sikh, Halal and vegetarian menus– all of which have been updated.

Captain Jeremy Rigby, Head of DE&S Defence Food Services which is based in Bath, said:

“This new contract – which was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget – enables us to produce innovative new rations quickly, meaning we can swiftly adapt to the latest operational requirements.

“It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to respond to feedback from our troops in Afghanistan, making sure we give them food they enjoy whilst maintaining the high nutritional content – as well as making the packs as light and convenient as possible.”

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  1. February 14, 2011 16:29

    When I was a squaddie (R.E.M.E. 85-89) the joy of rations were the ‘Babies Head’ pie, they were either some sort of unidentified meat product or apple, sadly you normally didn’t know which you had got until you cut it open, so it was a brave man who put gravy on first. Not that apple ‘Babies Head’ and gravy was too bad. Do those bastions of exercise grub still exist?

  2. Patrick Howlett permalink
    March 17, 2012 00:30

    I used to like the old 10 man 1 day packs.I lived on them during the floods in 1953 and later in Malaya. I would like to sample some of the food to compare what the modern soldier lives on on operations now.
    Pat Howlett Ex Roal Horse Guards and REME 1949 TO 1956


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