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‘Commanders to Change Bomb Disposal Tactics’

February 14, 2011

Army commanders are planning to change bomb disposal tactics in Afghanistan to cope with the surge in the number of Taliban booby traps – writes Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent for The Telegraph.

WO2 Iain Martin defusing an IED on the Bandi Barq Road in Gareshk. Photo, PA

Rather than removing bombs from the ground without blowing them up, so that they can be forensically analysed, more devices will now be simply destroyed in situ. Senior officers believe the new tactic will be quicker and safer. All six bomb disposal operators killed in Helmand since 2006 have died while attempting to remove improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from the ground so that they could be examined by intelligence staff – a process known as “exploitation”.

The current tactics are based on trying to achieve a balance between destroying bombs in order to allow greater freedom of movement for troops, and gathering intelligence to target the Taliban networks which build and plant IEDs. All information gleaned from analysing the components of an IED, such as the switch or pressure plate, the configuration of the power pack, together with any DNA evidence is fed into a NATO intelligence database. The information can then be used to either capture and prosecute those responsible or, as is more often the case, allow the special forces to target the insurgents in a strike operation.

To read Sean Rayment’s full article click here

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  1. Joy permalink
    February 15, 2011 01:18

    I must say that makes a lot more sense to do that.. No more lives put at risk..

  2. Shadowman permalink
    February 15, 2011 12:14

    I completely agree with this new approach!
    This will mean that freedom of movement is gained *much faster* and with less risk.
    The other thing is – ***please*** – make sure that the police stations and ANA bases have adequate security! It was tragic to read of the attack on the Kandahar police station in which 15 people died (including 12 police). Not good enough, I’m afraid – it has to be made **much harder** for this to happen.


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