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BBC Radio 4 – ‘Rebuilding Afghanistan’

February 13, 2011

Territorial Army Major Will Robson gives a rare insider insight into the British Army’s mission to rebuild Afghanistan as he embarks on six weeks as a temporary regular officer to Afghanistan.

The focus on Afghanistan is now clearly on reconstruction. Whilst fighting continues out of Forward Operating Bases, the British Army is now working closely with various NGOs, as well as the Foreign Office and the UK’s Department for International Development.

Click on the Image to take you to the BBC Radio 4 programme with Major Will Robson

In this programme, Robson visits a variety of projects in Helmand Province, drops in on the training of Women Police officers, and observes the work of the counter-narcotics team. He also meets one of Afghanistan’s best-known musicians Farhad Darya, as he prepares for a triumphant debut performance in Lashkar Gah, and talks candidly to serving officers and soldiers about the daily intensity of life in Helmand Province.

To listen to the full story through BBC Radio 4, click on the picture or click here.

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