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A Real Extension of Courtesy.

February 10, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Jan King – a Territorial Army Officer currently deployed to Afghanistan as Chief of Staff of the Combined Joint Movement Control Centre (CJMCC) at ISAF Joint Command (IJC) – blogs for the first time. Here she covers a recent visit to the Afghan Ministry of the Interior in Kabul.

Lt Col Jan King, CJMCC

I’m Lieutenant Colonel Jan King RLC – a Territorial Army Officer who normally does interim management within public sector bodies and in the voluntary sector. In the TA I am the Senior Officer for 497 Log Supply Unit RLC(V) – a staff unit that leads on supply issues. My current post is Chief of Staff of the Combined Joint Movement Control Centre (CJMCC) at ISAF Joint Command (IJC). The CJMCC is made up of around 40 personnel, around half are US and the rest are made up of Spanish, Danish, German, Dutch, French and now a few Brits, although for a while I was the only one! The role of the CJMCC is to ensure movement within Afghanistan is managed and deconflicted to ensure the most efficient movement of people and supplies.

Since arriving in Kabul just over a month ago there have been few opportunities to escape the confines of North Kabul International Airport – or NKAIA as it is known in these parts. Imagine arriving at somewhere like Luton airport and finding out that this is your journey’s end, and even the delights of Luton town are off limits. What’s more you’re not alone, there are around another 3,999 or so people of all nationalities, although very few locals, and between you you’ve got the challenge of trying to coordinate Coalition efforts to get Afghanistan on the straight and narrow.

But today was a day of escape from this unusual setting….

Read the rest of Lt Col King’s blog here

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