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Lisa’s Diary – From Check Point Duty to Camp Bastion Hospital!

February 9, 2011

It felt a bit nerve-wracking doing sangar duty at a Check Point. As the sangar was situated right out on a corner of the Check Point, 3 sides looked out on to the surrounding area and left me feeling quite exposed and vulnerable. However, I rapidly settled down and began to enjoy the solitude, using the night vision equipment to scan the area and the solitude to think about things. When I have time to think my thoughts always drift back to my family….

As I write this though, I’m sitting in the coffee shop in Bastion 2 enjoying a cappuccino, but it’s not where I want to be. At this moment I should be out on the ground on an Operation with D Company but unfortunately my plans were thwarted by me having an accident in one of the Check Points that resulted in me being casevac’d (casualty evacuation) by helicopter back to Camp Bastion.

Captain Lisa Irwin

Find out how Lisa went from Check Point Sangar Duty to a hospital bed at Camp Bastion by reading the rest of her blog here.

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