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Road Work Begins, Linking Marjah and Gareshk

February 2, 2011

A ceremony was held in Lashkar Gah this week to mark the start of work on the road linking Marjah and Gereshk. The project in Helmand province will link the two major cities and make it more difficult for insurgents to plant roadside bombs.

The enhanced road will improve transit ability and freedom of movement for local people, as well as, ISAF and Afghan security forces. Properly surfaced roads will also make it much more difficult for insurgents to conceal improvised explosive devices.

Additionally, local businesses will benefit as the new road will mean quicker, easier and safer access to markets and homes. Afghans will be able to bring more goods to market, more quickly and with less intimidation from the insurgents.

“The people of the Bolan Dasht desert have much to gain from the construction of this road; in particular, it will mean work for our unemployed and it will mean access to the Bazaars for our shopkeepers,” said Wakeil Abdul Razik, a local elder.

All the work will be carried out by local Afghans. ISAF has hired local contractors to manage and oversee the work and the contractors themselves will be hiring the employees to complete the project.

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