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Afghan Air Force increases its C-27A fleet.

January 29, 2011

The Afghan Air Force received an addition to its forces last week with the arrival of the ninth C-27A Spartan transport aircraft at the Afghan Air Force Base in Kabul. An 11 percent increase in the number of C-27s brings the Afghan Air Force closer to its goal of 20 Spartans.

C27-A Spartan

The C-27A is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft with short take-off and landing capability. The Spartan is suited for Afghanistan’s mountainous terrain and limited road network.

Seen as a key contributor to the future of the Afghan Air Force, the C-27 is phasing out the Antonov-32 transport aircraft as the centerpiece of Afghanistan’s cargo/transport mission, said Maj. Jay Troxell, a C-27 advisor with the NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan/538th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron.

Troxell, who helped fly the aircraft from Italy to Kabul, believes the new C-27 brings value not only in bolstering the size of the Afghan Air Force’s fixed -wing assets, but it also provides a good training platform for the force’s developing pilot corps.

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  1. akbardin permalink
    April 1, 2011 16:49

    sir iwana joind afghan air force.i m a studnt of BSCS. Plz give a chance to serve my country ishall b thnkful to you for this kindness.long live afghanistan long live afghan air force

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