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Camp Bastion Airfield and Joint Operating Base Combine

October 17, 2010

Command of the Joint Operating Base and 903 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) have been combined in the hands of Group Captain Guy Van Den Berg to provide a focus for Camp Bastion’s operations.

(Right to Left) Group Captain Guy Van Den Berg and Garrison Sergeant Major WO1 Cox
Photo: Cpl Mark Webster RLC/MOD
Crown Copyright/2010

On 6 Oct 10, Group Captain Guy Van Den Berg, formerly Commanding Officer for 903 Expeditionary Air Wing, took over the role of Commander Bastion, combining base and airfield operations. With the Garrison Sergeant Major, WO1 Cox working as his right hand man, Group Capt Van Den Berg is responsible for the care and protection of up to 22,000 UK, US, Estonians, Danish and Afghan Service Personnel and Contractors. The reorganisation is a stepping stone towards Camp Bastion becoming the UK Strategic Air Transport Hub in Afghanistan early next year.

The role of Commander Bastion provides the oversight for the efficient day-to-day running of Camp Bastion. His prime role is the safety and security of the base and all its personnel. He has taken on the responsibility to create, with the US Marine Corps (USMC), a combined security force that protects Bastion, Camp Leatherneck and the Afghan National Army Camp at Shorabak. To assist him he has under command, No 4 Force Protection Wing and 1 Squadron RAF Regiment who conduct joint patrols with the USMC, and control of the Bastion Guard Force. The new Garrison Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer 1 Cox is responsible for discipline and standards in Bastion. His role is varied and ranges from coordinating the Vigil services to escorting celebrity visitors such as David Beckham.

The provision of accommodation, catering and administrative support, is a key part of the JOB role and Commander Bastion is responsible for supporting up to 61 individual Bastion based units, which include medical, logistics and training and many who deploy forward in support of troops in Task Force Helmand.

Group Captain Van Den Berg said: “The challenges of this new and expanded role are familiar ones as it mirrors the role and many of the functions of an RAF station commander.”

He continued: “Everyday, I am conscious of my responsibilities for the security of Bastion and the array of dedicated personnel that operate here, whilst I also recognise the invaluable support all units based at Bastion make to the ISAF mission especially to our soldiers, sailors and airmen out in the Forward Operating Bases and Patrol Bases in central Helmand. Without Bastion and its operations focused team, Task Force Helmand would be unable to conduct their highly successful mission supporting the Afghan people. Bastion’s contribution to the overall success of the ISAF Mission is without measure”

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